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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tech week after tech week after tech week.....

I always say I'm not going to do this to myself. And then I do.  I say yes, and schedule things close together and I work like a maniac - and this month is EXTRA nutty.  But it's been good!  We successfully got Into the Woods up at Desert Stages Theatre, My Favorite Year opens tomorrow night at MCC and Pajama Game opens next week at Desert Foothills Theatre.  Then, right on it's heels is Guys and Dolls for Mesa Encore Theatre.  In short, it's craziville here at the Wardrobe!  But I thought you'd like some pictures!  Because pictures are SO fun!  Here's a little peek:

Into the Woods opened last weekend to a sold out audience!  It's not the traditional play, it's got some different things going on and it's done in Steam Punk style.  It was VERY fun to make and I am happy with the finished product.  (though really, there's never enough time to get everything totally perfect - I'd need a year per show!)

Here's the Baker and his Wife.
The Ugly Witch

The Transformed Witch

Cinderella's Prince

Rapunzel's Prince


Here's the little boy telling the story, with the group behind him. 

Cinderella's Prince 

Cinderella, before she gets her pretty over vest.

The Mysterious Man and the Baker.

What is that Wolf doing to Little Red?!?!?  Scandalous!

On the far left is Grandmother, on the far right is the Steward, who is actually a dominatrix. 

Here's Kiko and Katelynn working on the step sisters costumes.  Sadly we don't have a picture of them, but they are super cute!  We quilted crazy fabrics and made coats out of them.  They really are amazing! 

Here are the step sisters hats.  Hee he. 

And here's Rachel, who made her own little dress while we were crazy making costumes.  She's so cute!  (and behind her you can see the step sisters coats hanging up!) 

NEXT:  My Favorite Year opens tomorrow - tonight for a preview audience!  Here's some pictures from Dress Rehearsal:

These Hobo Clowns took FOREVER to add the patches too.  Seriously.  But they're cute, huh?!

And we made Maxford House Coffee Cups... 

And I used a pool noodle to make the handles... and I don't have any pictures of them finished, but they're pretty crazy. 

And stay tuned, because Pajama Game and Guys and Dolls are up next!