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Monday, November 19, 2012

Yes, this REALLY happened.

I'm completely behind on blogging.  I know, I'm horrible.  Get over it. My promises of a slower year have been for naught because I have had 5 weeks of complete insanity.  I'm recuperated(ing) though.  I figure it's time to play a little catch up on the blog so you don't think I was killed by the theatre.

Last time I told you all about Into the Woods and My Favorite Year.  As of now those are both finished, washed, dry cleaned and put away.  After a striking 2 shows in the same night, here's what my living room looked like (be thankful I can't post smells on the blog... cause it was STRONG)

 This brings us to Pajama Game.  I was honored to work with a fantastic cast and crew!  Directed by the famous Dee Dee Wood, it was truly a pleasure.  Ok, honestly almost 100% pleasure.  It was also the very first time I have ever had an actor toss a costume back at me and declare "I am NOT wearing THAT"  followed by several hours of coming into my area telling me I needed to provide this, that and the other.  That was NOT pleasure.  And I have honestly never been treated that way before, nor do I think anyone should be treated that way.  I rarely get angry but I was boiling by the time I left rehearsal that night.  I did find immense joy from making a custom dress just for her... and her cool skin tone and fat hippo body looked dreadful in the bollywood orange sparkely contraption I provided for her.  Yes, I am childish.  Yes, I don't care, and yes I still find joy in thinking about her in that hideous dress.  For those of you who don't know, there are certain rules in the theatre.  In the costume area, actors are to try on the costume and let the costumer see it.  We know if it fits or not, you don't have to point it out to us.  We will change it and provide something else if we feel it needs to change.  Most theatre costumes are made to be altered easily and fit many different shapes and sizes.  Trying on something that is too big or too small doesn't mean it is impossible.  It means it needs alterations.  Not a biggie.  When an actor is rude to the costumer, well... I know I'm not alone in making special costumes for the horrible.  Just be nice - try the costumes on, say thank you and focus on your acting.  :)

Ok, done with my soap box.  There was tons of great things about Pajama Game that I loved!  because we had so many shows set in the 50's going on at the same time we were able to build lots of fun new dresses and such for the ladies.  I also lucked out at JCPenny's and picked up a stack of men's dress shirts in awesome colors for $4 each!  DEAL!  Here's some pictures of the show:

The amazing Matravius and Kim! I LOVE working with these two!!  

Cast and crew picture.  Dee Dee Wood is int the center.  (If you don't know who she is, she is the one who choreographed Mary Poppins, Sound of Music and many, many others.)  

Once a Year Day!

Once Pajama Game was up and running, I had 2 seconds to get Halloween costumes built for the family.  And friends who I promised to build for.  (really, I do LOVE custom work - it's much more fun than building 8 of the same thing - it's just hard to squeeze in the time)

For Halloween, among other things, I made these: 
Original old school Oompa Loompa for my nephew.  (I also made a Willie Wonka for his brother, but I didn't get a picture of it...) 

Merida for my super cute red headed neighbor who was the perfect Merida! 

And our costumes... which needed some painting on the boots. (yes, it's the front yard, yes the paint marks are still there and yes the neighbors think I'm crazy)

But SERIOUSLY we had some off the chart amazing costumes!!!  We were all Mystic Force Power Rangers - except Ben - he was a Samurai Power Ranger.  

 Yup.  We were pretty awesome.  :) The kids trick-or-treating.  Rachel's boots were hurting her feet (because she refuses to wear socks...) so about a block in she took them off and Austin and I carried them for the rest of the evening.  OH MY GOODNESS!  I just remembered this!  Our kids can be shy, but mostly they're uninhibited.  Especially when they want something.  After trick-or- treating around a couple blocks, Rachel started to say she was thirsty.  She was a trooper and kept on going, but we didn't bring water and being 8 she just kept letting us know she was SOOOO thirsty.  After another block or so I told her if she's so thirsty, when she goes to the next house ask them if she can have water instead of candy.  I was pretty sure that wouldn't happen.  Ever.  I was wrong.  We were trick-or-treating with 3 other kids at the time.  The 6 went up to the home of someone we don't know.  A nice old man opened the door and proceeded to grab candy to put in their bags when Rachel asked him for water instead of candy.  Us parents were waiting on the side walk and heard her ask.  And WOW I was so embarrassed!!!  Austin and I looked at each other with huge eyes and nervously giggled.  Then to our horror ALL of the kids said they'd rather have water than candy.  The nice old man told them to wait on the porch and came back with 6 small chilled water bottles.  I need to give than man a nice thank you card for sure!  The kids were happy, I'm still recovering from the horror and next year we will bring water.

Once Halloween was done, there was the endless piles of laundry from the shop rentals (sill working on that... almost done...) and then Pajama Game strike.  Pajama Game strike was late on a Sunday, with Guys and Dolls load in the following day.  And I needed lots of the costumes for Guys and Dolls.  Thank heavens for the 1 day cheap cleaners!  In a mad rush we got Guys and Dolls up and running!  Here's some pictures:
Bushel and a Peck

The girls take the yellow chicken dresses off and have on the short jeans and little gingham tops. 

Seriously cute!!!  Amazing performance by Marisa Peck
as Adalaide!!

And that brings us to today.  Guys and Dolls strike was yesterday.  There's still about 6 loads of laundry at home that need to be washed.  I finished about 6 loads already and have it back at the shop.  Are you wondering what's next?  Because I'll tell you!  I have some wedding alterations to take care of, a wedding dress for my soon to be daughter-in-law (different wedding than the alterations one), 2 male tunics for the Nutcracker ballet, Pippin (which has a circus theme!  Yay!), Wrong Window, and Sunset Blvd.  At least they're not all going on in the same week.  And I have a little more time to get them done.  :)