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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Do You Believe in Fairies?

Rayroo and I had a great time making our first Fairy Garden.  And, even though I wasn't supposed to use my hand and I did anyway, it was super fun working on this project with her.

See this kid?  Yup - making things and doing special projects with her is simply amazing.  :)  I love being her mom!  Ok, enough of the sappies.  Back to our Fairy Gardening:

First we collected all kinds of stuff that we could use in our creation.  We chose to use our old plastic pot as a base.  We found several miscellaneous clay pots as well as some pretty cut glass and some tea cups/plates.  

We used a light weight hammer to carefully tap on the clay pottery.  Once we saw what shapes we had to work with, and knowing the general shape of what we wanted to create, we used hot glue and glued the pieces together, making a foundation.

After we decided the foundation was nice and sturdy, we glued potting soil on some of the pottery to cover it up.  This made little "tunnels" that looked like they were burrowed spots.  

We took some sheet moss and glued it where we wanted to make a stair case going from the bottom to the top. 

We added a fence - for fairy safety.  

We broke the blue cut glass and glued it back together making a lake. 

We used small river rocks to make a bridge over the water. We added little flowers along side the fence, and we used our clay pieces to make stairs.  We put a little tea pot house inside of the big pot (bottom left) and we added a bird's nest and some small birdies. 

We added chunky moss and more foliage as well as some little gems as a roof.  We placed a couple frogs and turtles in and around the lake.  And then, last of all, Rayroo placed the fairies.  Here are some of the pictures she took of the final garden:

We used floral, moss and small river rocks from Hobby Lobby.  Our miniature fairies came from (they were actually really hard to find).  Everything else we found at thrift shops or we already had it at home.  

And now, our beautiful fairy garden is done, and placed outside our front door.  Provided the darn cat doesn't mess with it, I can hardly wait for our granddaughter to come over and see it!  Meanwhile, Roo is planning on making a fairy playground next. Aaron said it was so good if we didn't put the pretend fairies in it we would probably have real fairies moving in. The most important part is that Roo and I got to work on it together and make something pretty.  I know it's not the perfect fairy garden - it is our first.  But we love it -  and that's all that matter, right?  Now I'm going to go rest my hand....

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Yup, I Had a Carpal and a Tunnel. But Now They're Gone... at lease half way...

I have always loved sewing.  And playing piano.  And writing (typing).  When the computer age began I've spent countless hours (mostly wasted ha ha) on the computer.  What do these things have in common? Well... I'll tell you.  They all gave me a raging case of carpal tunnel.  In both hands.  If you know me, or have read previous blogs you know that I have many physical illnesses.  Because the carpal tunnel could be corrected and thus make it easier to pin point what symptoms are from what problem, it was recommended I have the surgery.  And so I did.  On January 21, 2014 Austin and I arrived here -  at 6 A.M.

 Did I mention that we had to arrive at 6:00 A.M.?  I was first on the list for surgery.
We arrived, and thank you to the John C. Lincoln Hospital for letting me borrow such a gorgeous gown!  I had all the usual stuff done - the IV, the BP, the visits from the surgeon and anaesthesiologist.  

There was some down time in between and I was anxious (scared) but Austin kept me company and we passed the time talking and being silly.  Pretty soon the nurse came back and had me soak my hand in special soapy stuff.  I also got these fancy leg circulation things on my calf's.  
 Don't forget to note the wonderful way my hat and shoes match!  Stylish, even going into surgery.  Once I was given some sleepy medicine and wheeled off on my fancy bed, in my fancy outfit, with my clean hand, Austin got to spend some REALLY exciting times!
 He sat.  He slept.

He sat some more.

He slept some more. 

Until it finally happened.  He was able to come back and see me again.  More importantly, come back and take pictures.  

 Here I am, freshly post surgery. 

How I got dressed, I have no idea.  I look awake but since I really don't remember getting dressed or going home (except for little snippets) I must have been way out of it.  I mean really, how did I get this sweater back on?? There is only one person in the world who knows.  Austin.  I'm pretty sure he figured it out. 

See what I'm holding?  A barf bag.  Yup.  The staff was kind enough to send me home with a barf bag - and a fancy one!  And what's the best thing about the barf bag???  I didn't even have to use it. 

I got home and settled.  I was able to rest up and just hang around on the couch in my spot.  It wasn't until bedtime that this contraption became a serous hindrance.  You see, my doctor sent me home with an IV stand.  He wrapped my hand with a big hook thing at the fingers so I could hang my hand/arm from the IV stand - and thus keep m hand elevated and in the correct position for 24 hours.  

And yes, I can see that this picture is upside down.  I took it around 3AM when I was bored out of my mind and super tired.  I could have turned this picture right side up - but it's more a sign of how I was feeling keeping it upside down.  I made it through the fist night, and the following day the fun had just begun. I had to report to the doctors office, and wow - I had NO idea how difficult it was going to be doing the simplest of things. 

This is me, ready to leave for the Dr's office.  This is my left handed makeup / hair job and changing clothes wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for my wonderful Mom, who came to take care of us (me).  I'm pretty sure it's been a good 40 years since she's buttoned my pants for me... until that day. They cut off the cast, and below is what was there... gross. 

Here's my before surgery/after surgery montage. 

With this surgery, I made several visits to the doctor.  My second visit (day 3 post surgery) revealed the wound looking like this:

Between appointments, I was working overtime trying to rest up and be as independent as possible.  And snuggling with this pretty girl.

When I wasn't snuggling with my Sophie, I was being taken care of by this lady - look closely because THIS is a picture of the Worlds Best Mom.  

AND, because healing from my own surgery wasn't enough (because enough is never enough if you're a Willcox) I got to take this little crazy girl to the doctor because she developed a ferocious cough (that she still has!).  

So, between my own appointments, it was refreshing to take little Roo to her doctor and do something other than sitting around.  

Here's my hand one week post op at the beginning of my appointment.

And here it is two days after all of the stitches were removed and I was all steri taped up.  A few days post op, my doctor sent me home equipped with rolls and rolls of bandages, tapes, sterile rinse water and 4" squares so I could clean my wound and re-wrap it twice a day.  Fun times for me!

Two weeks post op I was on our anniversary date with Austin!  See my wrapped hand?  Funny, eating in public with my non-dominant hand was so much less glamorous than I usually eat - which, if you've seen me eat, is just plain crazy.  Messy crazy. 

Here is my hand today!  The wound is healed pretty much, but I'm still not supposed to be using my right hand, though I am typing this with both hands (oooohhh I'm in trouble).  I need to keep it wrapped and clean for two more days.  Then wrapped when I leave the house or do anything messy or worky.  I can slowly start using my hand in two more days... which is silly because I've been using it (out of habit) anyway.  

So there it is.  My carpal and my tunnel.  Gone forever from my right hand... and I now know what to expect when we do my left hand... unless I chicken out...