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Friday, March 6, 2015

Is This The Real Live? Or Is This Just Fantasty?

Remember when I ended that last blog post?  With my little guy not feeling well?  Yah....  About that....  My little bubba wasn't feeling well at all.  Just after school the next day I went to check on him.  He was asleep in his bed, all tucked in.  He was so cute - and then, on second glance I noticed something I've seen before.  Never on one of my own kids though...
Do you see what I see?  Because I see a raging case of SCARLET FEVER!!  Which sounds so dramatic but really, it's a very bad case of strep throat that also causes a red rash that covers the body.  I loaded up the littles and we all took Benjamin to the after hours pediatric clinic.  Aaron and Roo were so very helpful!  They helped gather our things and Roo even carried Benjamin's shoes for him and helped him get settled into the car.  

Here he is (with his blanket) waiting for the doctor to come in.  He let me take pictures of his tummy (and shhh! His secret freckle!) and his leg so we could remember his rash.  Within minutes the doctor came in, did an exam and agreed that yes, it is scarlet fever.  We left with a note for the school (because now we had shared his germs with everyone) and a perscritption for antibiotics.  We were all on lock down (sort of) for 24 hours - or at least Benjamin was on lock down and the other two weren't supposed to be around other kids... and it was the WEEKEND!  So we stayed in on Saturday and rested and just hung out.  Roo was a bit stir crazy, but she survived.  Ha ha.  By the evening my little buddy was eating, talking, laughing, smiling and almost back to himself.  My heart was so happy because after three weeks of being sick (he didn't have scarlet fever the whole time, just kept getting sick) Benjamin was finally feeling better!!!  WHOOO HOOOOOO!  Currently he is 100% awesome healthy and finishing up his 10 days of antibiotics.

Sunday we went to church and then came home to enjoy our weekly movie marathon.  Sophie was snuggling with me on the couch, and Aaron came to sit down on the floor using the couch as a backrest.  Then, before we knew it, Miss Sophie wiggled over to give Aaron a little love!

Now, tell me that's not cute - go ahead and try. Because it is super cute!  I think it's also my first actual photo bomb, too.  ha ha
I passed my phone down so Aaron could capture the moment with Sophie.  AND that kid!  Okay - he is one of my two REALLY funny boys who never cease to amaze me at their wit and character.   In case you're wondering.... Luke is the other one.  Thank heavens Luke wasn't Aaron's twin because THAT would have been INSANE!  ha ha.  Anyway, Aaron took like a zillion pictures!!!!

Like 3 whole screens like this full of these amazing pictures!  What a nutball! 

On Monday I was finally able to send out this birthday box to my MARCH BIRTHDAY GIRL!!
Yup! That IS rain on the box.  It rained all day and I still made it to the post office.  I'm gonna try not to get teary eyed here (too late) because I sure do love this girl of mine!!  I won't be able to hug her on her birthday this year - and it breaks my heart - but I am SO proud of the beautiful young woman she has become!  She is 100% beautiful inside and out!!  I can't believe it's been 22 years! 
             Here's my beautiful girl and I last March. I just love her smile!!!

Meanwhile... lurking inside that toothy grin (on the left) was a broken tooth.  I've loved candy all of my life and I always will.  My molars know how much love I have for candy.  I've had an onlay on my tooth for a couple of years but it fell off while I was eating the candy corn I found on Amazon. (Don't judge - desperate times call for desperate measures and stores only sell the candy gold in the fall).  Well, I put some temporary cement on it and popped the onlay back on, but not long after I was eating my morning granola bar and BAM.  Super crunchy?  Is this food?  Um no.  I spit out chewed up granola bar and chomped up porcelain onlay.  Here's where we praise the maker I married a dentist, and he has a dentist brother who kindly let us use his office, and dentist husband had the day off the following day. 


Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to take a selfie while laying back and holding still?!?!?!? Shoulda taken the selfie stick with us. ha ha. But I got my tooth fixed up and ready for it's new crown. Because the left side of my face is always numb, and I got some mega numbing shots, it was hard to tell if the crown was fitting right. Because I chewed up my onlay and then forgot to bring the piece I kept, there was no way to know exactly what the correct "bite" was. My super numbness didn't help at all and I really thought it felt right and my bite was good. Well, after the injected numbing wore off I could tell that my temporary crown was a little too long. So we did what we do when these things happen...
I call it Kitchen Dentistry.  Here's Benjamin having a couple extractions on the kitchen counter last year.  See? May be funky to most people, but its getting to be a normal thing around here.  Ha ha kidding - only a sometimes thing.  Well, my awesome dentist made another house call (mostly because he lives here anyway) and pulled out the Dremel drill and made some adjustments for me.  Roo was sweet and came over with  "rinse and spit" cups, and she was so cute that we asked Benjamin to take our picture.  That crazy guy didn't take a picture - he took an amazing VIDEO!  So here you go, for your viewing pleasure.... 

            We shall call this video "Drill, Rinse and Spit"  Ha ha If you haven't caught on yet, we're a little wacky and fun around here.  In a practical way. Sort of.                                                                                                                        And here's Aaron popping out of the laundry basket.
     That may seem random, but it's pretty normal around here.  You never know what's going to happen!

 Lastly - in our crazy week of life - Roo was insistent on getting a Lorax costume to wear to school today. It's Dr. Seuss week. It wasn't a thing when I was little, and when the olders were around 10 it started as "Read Across America" day. Now it's Dr. Seuss WEEK. (eyeroll) I told her we wouldn't spend any money on it, so we'd have to use what we have at home to make something. I found some stretchy orange cotton and a picture of what someone else had made.  It was a sweater with a front zipper and the hood that gets pulled down over the head to show the Lorax face.

I copied what this other person did (I don't have permission to share their picture so I'm not going to - but I found it on Pinterest and it looks a lot like this but better than mine.)  Anyhow, Roo wanted it to be a jumpsuit so I made her a jumpsuit by sewing shorts onto the sweater part and then put a zipper across the back booty seam.  Yup - we made lots of jokes about having a butt flap and easy access to go potty. Roo cut out the eyebrows and moustache and I sewed it all on and together.  It got all put together a little late at night and I'm pretty sure I fell asleep a couple of times sewing the blue part onto the eye's but we got it done and now I'm off to pick her up from school and find out how much fun she had!
                                       OOOOHHHHH!  Little Roo Lorax won 3rd place at school!  Yay Roo!

Yes, our week has been RANDOM and CRAZY and UNEXPECTED - but it was pretty fun and included way more random stuff than I wrote about here.  AND don't worry!  Because I PROMISE my next blog post will be a "how to" on how I put together one of my boys favorite things in their new bedroom!

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